Detection dogs, tracking dogs, therapy dogs, guide dogs, pets… whatever their roles may be, we can all agree that there is one thing they have in common regardless of breed: their adorable antics. Dogs employed at airports, border crossings, schools, and other places are well-trained and often look serious and dignified, but there are instances wherein they squeeze in a little playtime and go back to being puppies. The same goes for therapy dogs and pets. No matter how disciplined and well-trained they are, they will never lose their playful side.

This is what makes them great companions. They know just how to connect with people. When you need comfort, they are always there for hugs and company. When you need protection, they can be trained to alert you in the event of illness or danger. When you simply want to unwind and spend time outdoors, they will be more than willing to go on walks with you. They’re great travel buddies and are a good source of laughter, too. Take this particular dog and his hilarious facial expressions at the vet.



We don’t know for sure how long he had to stay at the veterinarian’s clinic, but we do know his expressions are enough to make one’s day. No matter which angle he was being filmed from, he would give the same looks to his owner. At first, it looked like the typical, curious, quizzical looks dogs often shoot when people exhibit behavior they can’t seem to understand. From curious to confused, to straight-faced and suspicious, the dog gave one entertaining facial expression after another.

Could it be because he didn’t appreciate being left with the vet for hours or days, even? Were the looks he gave a result of feeling somewhat betrayed? If only humans could read dogs’ minds! The entertaining instance garnered millions of views and a slew of hilarious comments such as the dog having a resemblance to film actor Samuel Jackson.



Out of all the facial expressions, it was the dog’s side eye that made an impact that most – one that could rival that of any human. You would seriously end up questioning your actions when your dog gives you the same look, too!


With a dog so expressive, adorable, and entertaining, we’re guessing the owner never has any dull moments with his companion. Man’s best friend really does his role excellently. Talk about knowing how to put a smile on one’s face! Lucky the owner was able to capture it all on tape below.