Tap dancing trio wow with impressive “Cotton-Eyed Joe” fiddle routine

“Cotton-Eyed Joe” is a popular country folk song that is often associated with the South. The upbeat song has since been used in partner dancing and line dancing. The playful, inviting melody prompts energy and dancing, whether in house parties or larger gatherings shared by the community. There have been numerous recorded performances of people singing, playing instruments, or dancing along to “Cotton-Eyed Joe” but nothing beats this trio’s fiddle and tap dancing combo. Imagine the coordination it takes to play the fiddle and tap dance at the same time.

The fiddle is an instrument that is beautifully crafted and seems so simple and easy to play. To master it, however, it takes many lessons, hours of practice, and incredible amounts of patience and determination. Tap dancing, on the other hand, needs the same dedication and effort. It isn’t merely creating movement and sound with one’s feet. There are certain choreographies that enable tap dancers to produce pleasant sounds using one’s feet. This trio can do both without missing a beat.


Hillary Klug has mastered the art of playing the fiddle and tap dancing at the same time. The talented young girl started dancing when she was only eight, but it wasn’t until she was thirteen that she developed an interest and passion for the fiddle as well. She performs popular songs like “Cotton-Eyed Joe” but has a few originals under her belt. Now an internet star with videos garnering millions of views, comments, and shares, Hillary continues to share her talent by appearing in independent films, teaching workshops, and performing at concerts and festivals.

She invests time and effort in producing original choreography that will go perfectly with what she chooses to play on her fiddle. These rural traditions ignited a passion in Hillary that she gladly shares with the world through her appearances and the content she uploads online.


Hillary’s persistence resulted in sold out international shows, two music books, a record in the making, and performances alongside notable personalities. In fact, her talent has kept her busy throughout, even giving her the opportunity to spend summers in Europe. She doesn’t just record videos of herself at home and upload them online. She proves that chasing your passion and taking time to practice always pays off.


Many people young and old alike look up to Hillary because of her cheery disposition, her unique and impressive talent, and most importantly, the way she keeps both feet on the ground despite the fame.

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