Dad pokes mom’s pregnant belly as baby performs captivating “high kick” show

Motherhood is an exciting journey that many others are more than eager to share in. From expectant fathers to siblings, to grandparents and friends, an outpouring of love and support comes immediately after the announcement of a pregnancy. Part of wanting to be a part of the pregnancy journey includes paying attention to even the littlest details, whether it’s making sure the mom takes her prenatal vitamins regularly, completing the checklist for the baby’s essentials, and monitoring with joy each progress and milestone.

Part of the wonders of pregnancy is seeing the mother’s belly grow each month and discovering more significant movements from the baby in the womb. From subtle flutters to mild waves, to stronger kicks and rolling, babies make all sorts of movements in the womb. According to doctors, frequent movement is a sign that the baby is doing well. Not only does each movement bring joy to everyone, it provides relief and peace of mind for the parents, too.


Most moms-to-be experience wave-like sensations when their babies start rolling and moving about. Aside from kicks and what feels like elbows and heel bones, babies seem to be throwing punches in there, too. This particular couple, however, have a funny and interesting experience that they shared online. Their little one seemed to know how to stand in his mom’s womb! Usually, babies seem to move in a horizontal direction. This baby prefers the unconventional way by moving vertically instead, creating the illusion of standing in the womb.

The excited parents even playfully described it as something reminiscent of the chestburster scene in the popular movie¬†Alien.¬†The unmistakeable direction in which the baby was moving was captured on video. Children today are lucky – their milestones can easily be documented and saved, from ultrasound images to a lot of firsts they do when they’re born. They’ll have more than enough photos and videos to share with their own families someday.


A few months after the video was uploaded, the father shared that his wife gave birth to a healthy, 9 pound baby boy. When their little one grows up, he’ll have a lot of funny and interesting videos to watch. We can imagine his surprise when he sees the way he used to move when he was still in his mother’s womb!


Parents never fail to remind first-time parents how quickly time flies. This is why it is important to pay attention and cherish every moment, from pregnancy to birth, to when they take their first steps and learn more about the world.

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