Haunting Dolly Parton tribute with a’cappella twist brings country star to her feet

Dolly Parton, with her signature blonde hair, beautiful makeup, and overall signature look, is a singer and songwriter recognized as one of country music’s best talents. She rose to fame during the late sixties as both a solo artist and one half of various duets. She has earned multi-platinum awards for her albums, with more than twenty songs reaching the top spot on theĀ BillboardĀ country music charts. More than just ranking first on charts, Dolly Parton also has nine Grammy Awards, seven Academy of Country Music Awards, three American Music Awards, and more tucked under her belt. Her passion, drive, and talent have also earned her a spot on the County Music Hall of Fame.

Because she is one of the most celebrated country music artists, tributes are often paid to her through live performances from today’s young artists, just like in this video where American country music singer Jennifer Nettles and a capella group Pentatonix sang Dolly Parton’s hit song “Jolene.” The female singer and the a capella group stood close to each other onstage and began their performance, proving that voices alone can already produce impressive music.


Their unique rendition of the song prompted cheers and applause not just from the audience but from Dolly Parton herself. To make the tribute even more amazing was another unforgettable performance, this time from American country music singer, songwriter, and actress Reba McEntire. The famed artist also had a delightful treat for Dolly Parton. She sang another classic, upbeat hit entitled “9 to 5,” a song that was released in the eighties which earned a nomination for Grammy Award for Song of the Year.

Her take on the Dolly Parton hit also elicited an enthusiastic response from the audience and as the camera panned, showed a grinning Dolly Parton clapping along, obviously approving of the performance. The country music artists and their rendition of classic Dolly Parton hits show how impactful the blonde bombshell’s talent is – talent that becomes appreciated over time instead of being buried underneath a slew of new songs and artists.


It’s true that when you work hard, pursue your dreams relentlessly, consistently give your all, and remain humble, amazing things happen. Dolly Parton is living proof that passion, humility, and drive bring positive results.


As one of country music’s biggest treasures, known for her warmth, charisma, and signature aesthetic, the incredible Dolly Parton is the perfect example of how certain people and what they do just keep getting better with time. Enjoy Jennifer Nettles, Pentatonix, and Reba give tribute to her below.

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