8 Reasons Why Being The Middle Child Is Really The Best

As the middle child you’ve been bullied, ignored, forgotten and disrespected. But the latest research proved that being the middle child is actually the best, and for several fascinating reasons!

No longer will you, jaded middle child, have to deal with stubborn older and spoiled younger siblings – because now you have definitive proof that you are the one who rules the household!


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Your Parents Took It Easier On You

Being the second child means that your parents were much more relaxed when you came along. All of the strict rules and punishments had fallen by the wayside and you were left with the “fun” parents who let you do just about anything – according to your older sibling, that is!

You’re A “Go With The Flow” Type Of Person

After the birth of your younger sibling, your needs probably got pushed to the wayside quite a bit and your preferences weren’t as much of a priority. But that’s quite alright! 

You took that adversity learned to be flexible, accommodating and resourceful. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger – right?

You Have A Hidden Super Power

According to the research behind the book, “The Secret Power of Middle Children,” the middle child is more likely to be open to new experiences and are driven to cultivate their own special skills. That means, when they reach adulthood, they’re perfect candidates for business leaders, politicians and scientists!

In short, middle children are excellent team players! 

You’re The Best Negotiator

Whether it’s plotting to get a toy, or working to bring the family together for the holidays, you know how to say the right words to get exactly what you want!

In fact, expert negotiators like John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln were middle children. That means you have some big shoes to fill, young one!



You’re A Better Friend

Since your parents weren’t as strict about curfews, the type of friends you made and where you ran off to, you learned how to form close friendly bonds much earlier than your older siblings.

That knack for building friendships is something that you carry with you today. Anyone, no matter their background or personality type, is a new potential friend in your eyes!

You’re The Creative One

While your older siblings excluded you from activities, and your younger siblings were busy with their “baby” games, you were running around your room inventing new ways to keep yourself entertained! This practical skill is something that you can use for the rest of your life and that type of limitless creativity is perfect for a career (or hobby) in the arts!

There’s Less Pressure On You

As a middle child, you were expected to keep up the bare minimum and nothing more. That’s not a bad thing! In fact, that means that you place much less pressure on yourself compared to your younger and older siblings!

If a goal of yours is just out of reach, you don’t beat yourself up about it. You just find a more realistic goal and set forth on the path towards it, no huffing and puffing here!

You’re Good At Secret-Keeping

As a middle child you see things that the other kids don’t – like your older siblings sneaking back in after a late night, or your younger siblings snatching a forbidden cookie out of the jar even after the dessert! But all of this actually means that you’re a master of secret-keeping.

No one knows how to keep their lips sealed better than you!


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Now everyone knows that you are the glue that holds the family together, you can share it with your parents and siblings. But this is something you’ve already known for years….

Sources: psychologytoday.com, TODAY.com / FB Image Credit: Flickr

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