Adopted man sees his photo on “missing person” site, uncovers family mystery

Many of us have Googled our own names during a moment of bored curiosity, just to see if the Internet reveals more than it probably should about our private lives. Yet, sometimes that innocent search can turn up a cold, hard truth that no one ever expects to discover about themselves.

Steve Carter already knew that he was adopted from an orphanage in Honolulu, Hawaii at the age of four. But, like almost every other adopted kid out there, the 34-year-old wanted to know more about his “other” parents.

He managed to dig up an old photo of himself as a young boy, but it was where he found it that chilled him to the bone. Steve’s picture was just one of many that was plastered all over a website that is known for featuring exploited children.

Steve was actually quite happy with how his life had turned out. He grew up in a loving home with his adopted mom and dad, and he even went on to get married and have kids of his own. But, Steve’s curiosity about his early childhood was piqued after he read a fascinating headline about an Atlanta woman who had solved her own missing person’s case.

Thanks to a baby picture she found on the Internet, Carlina White discovered that she had been stolen from a Harlem hospital as a newborn. Since his own past was shrouded in mystery and unexplained inconsistencies, Steve wondered if something similar had happened to him.


Steve wasn’t wagging any accusing fingers at his adopted family, who had gone through all the proper channels to legally make him their son. But, the Philadelphia man did have suspicions about how he ended up at the orphanage in the first place.

Some things just didn’t add up! For starters, his birth certificate wasn’t issued until a year after he was born. It also said that his ethnicity is half-Hawaiian, even though his blonde hair and blue eyes are a far cry from native islander features.


On a hunch, Steve decided to visit the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s website. He didn’t recognize the photo of himself as a baby, but he did see the resemblance in the age-progression photo of that kid as an adult. It looked exactly like him!

Steve immediately contacted the Honolulu police department and requested that a DNA test be performed. After the results came back, the truth about his missing past came to light, but it also deepened another mystery that may never be solved.


Watch the video below to find see what Steve uncovered about his biological parents.

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