Baby doesn’t want to share veggies with daddy in adorable interaction caught on camera

We all know that we need to eat right to be healthy. That means we need to eat healthier options, drink lots of water and of course, eat fruits and veggies! However, despite knowing these things, it is so hard to eat the amount of veggies we need! Not all people are fond of veggies, even though we know they are very good for our body.

It is common, especially for little kids, to run away when we give them veggies for dinner. But, apparently, not all kids despise having vegetables because one baby girl is actually really fond of them!


One particular baby girl can prove to you that veggies are really yummy. In fact, she is so crazy about them that she would not even let her Dad eat them. When she saw that her Dad was about to take one of her green beans, she snatched it just before he could put it in his mouth! After taking it, she ate the veggie herself, not even thinking she’d done anything wrong.

With the way this baby munches on the veggie it would seem as though she’s eating the best bean in the world. Her gusto just makes you want to eat veggies, too!


Her Dad continued trying to eat her veggies but again and again this funny baby girl stops him from putting the yummy vegetable in his mouth. She certainly loves her veggies and wants to keep them all to herself.

I bet Daddy wasn’t even mad because at least his baby girl was eating vegetables. For parents of picky eaters, this is actually something short of a miracle. Believe me, a picky eater is the last thing you want to deal with when you become a parent.


Having a picky eater can actually be prevented, you know. The key is starting to train their tongue to love vegetables and other healthy food at a very young age. If they are used to the taste of all the healthy food, you can be assured that they will definitely not mind eating them for the rest of their lives!

This Daddy is definitely doing the right thing. His daughter may be young, but her love for vegetables is totally evident. And honestly, a parent is happy knowing that their child likes eating healthy likely helping them make health conscious decisions in the future. Props to you, Dad! Well done!

We hope this little girl never grows tired of eating her veggies.

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