Talented cockatiel sings happy song to banana in perfect pitch

Animals have a way of capturing our heart, especially when they show off neat tricks that leave us in awe of their amazing talents. It is so mesmerizing to see a pet do something that you don’t expect them to do, like singing!

One talented cockatiel has taken her tricks to a whole new level when she performed a famous song in front of the camera. Phoebe went all out in her song number, stunning her online viewers while whistling to the tune of the popular kids’ song “If you’re happy and you know it”.


Phoebe, with her beautiful feathers and rosy colored cheeks, showed off how much of a rock star she is when she did her own version of the popular children’s song. And what’s a rock star without her guitar? For Phoebe, her version of this instrument is a banana laid out in front of her as she whistled the song to perfection.

She was totally in the zone while performing, even going around the table that was her stage and banging her beak on it and on the banana as she followed the song’s beat. She was adorable to watch as she performed the happy tune!


Phoebe was in a joyful mood and everyone could easily see that because she wouldn’t stop singing about it! Watching this wonderful bird is a truly happy experience. It is something that you don’t see every day but wish that you could.

In her little performance, Phoebe has captured a lot of hearts and she undoubtedly showed what she is capable of. Her singing skills are amazing and mind you, the showmanship is definitely there as well!


Phoebe is a cockatiel and these types of birds belong to the cockatoo family. If there is one thing that you need to know about them it is the fact that their head crests are very indicative of their mood. If raised, that means the bird is in high spirits. In Phoebe’s little song number, her crest is raised high indicating she’s having fun.

Phoebe’s happy tune is such a beautiful thing. Her flair and performance level is really refreshing and one can’t help but smile when watching her. With her little number, Phoebe just proved to the world just how talented she can be. She is tremendously entertaining!

This bird is definitely a gem for her owners.

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