After nine months of pregnancy, the anticipation of meeting your new baby upon delivery can hardly be put into words for most parents. While the number one concern is for the baby to be healthy and happy, most parents won’t deny the instant urge to see what the baby looks like!

Born in Szekesfehervar, Hungary, the story of baby boy Bence is no different – as his parents eagerly awaited a first look after his birth. But when the nurses handed Bence over to mom, both parents were speechless at what they saw.

Born at 5400 grams or just over 11 pounds, Bence was healthy indeed. However, what was unusual was the color of hair on his head that matched none of his parents or family members…

Bence shockingly was born with a head full of silvery-white hair, and this threw off his parents completely! Even the doctors and nurses had never seen anything like it before at their hospital.

The initial instinct was to credit the condition to a congenital disorder called albinism, where the person is born without pigments in their skin, hair, and sometimes even eyes, giving them a look of being painted white or silver all over.

But in Bence’s case, he did not seem to suffer with discoloration anywhere else on his body except the hair.


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Tests done by doctors suggested that Bence’s condition was not due to albinism, stress, or any other prenatal disorder, but most likely due to a temporary shortage of pigment.

To his parents’ relief, the doctors even predict that Bence’s hair will darken as he gets older, and within a year or two should appear the natural color decided by his genes.

The nurses in the maternity ward found the perfect nickname for Bence to match his unusual look; they started calling him Prince Charming. For the parents, they are just happy that their son is healthy and will be okay!

The story of Bence’s silvery-white hair caught on in the media and many who heard it shared their own experience with having a baby who was born with a similar condition. In most cases, the comments affirmed that the pigmentation shortage is temporary with no side effects on future health and growth.

Here is a video showing baby Bence with his crown of glory!

All babies are unique in their own way and proving just that is Bence who right at birth decided that he would give his parents a bright silvery surprise!

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