Huge butterfly lands right on baby’s head as daddy captures precious response

Growing children should be exposed to nature as much as possible. It’s one way to make sure that they remain connected with their environment and that they grow up showing care about it.

However, when a couple took their baby at the San Diego Zoo, they experienced one great surprise. And the funny thing about it was that their little daughter had literally no idea what just happened or what was on her head!



While the couple was at the zoo, a really gorgeous butterfly landed on top of their baby’s forehead. It stayed there for a couple of seconds without the baby noticing or feeling anything.

Even when the dad called his baby’s name, she just looked at him. Another kid was trying to make her smile but she just stared at them with no idea the unique moment was happening.



After a while, the butterfly opened its huge wings and there, you could see the beautiful blue pattern. The design on its wings was just magical that you might mistake it for a fake one at first glance.

The surprising thing was that the butterfly seemed really attached to the baby. Even when she bowed down, the butterfly just moved higher so as not to fall off of the baby’s head. And it just stayed right there even when the baby wasn’t being still.



The Blue Morpho Butterflies are among the largest ones in the world. Their wings can span to about 5 to 8 inches. At the back of the wings, you can find microscopic scales that create the iridescent blue coloring that frequently captures people’s attention.

In certain tribes of the Amazon, a lot of people believe that these butterflies can grant wishes. This is why they often make ceremonial masks with their wings.

Another surprising thing about the butterflies is that they can seem indestructible. During their caterpillar stage, they can actually eat¬†harmful plants without causing harm to themselves. Experts believe that it’s a form of defense mechanism which renders them toxic to other predators.

In addition to that defense mechanism, the butterflies can also camouflage itself when they are resting. It’s because the underside of their wings has darker or earthy brown tones. So, when they aren’t using their wings, they aren’t likely to attract as much attention.

No matter how stealthy they are or how protective they are to themselves, we can all agree on one thing- the butterfly adored the baby girl and it’s such a precious thing to witness.

A beautiful baby with a beautiful butterfly on top of her head can surely melt anyone’s heart.

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