When it comes to quick thinking and riddles, many of us trust our gut and then steadfastly stick to our answers. But that may be a problem while trying to solve this tricky word puzzle.

You’ll need to use some abstract thinking and ignore your initial instincts to get this answer right!

Take a good look at the image below. The goal is to count how many holes there are in this beat-up, old shirt. At first it may seem like the answer is obvious – but don’t let your brain fool you! There’s more to this riddle than you initially thought. 


Many people would say the answer is “two” – but that’s far from the truth, and we’ll tell you why! It’s obvious that there are two large holes in the center of the shirt.

But that means that each side of the shirt (the front and back) have two holes going through them. That would bring the total number of holes so far to four. If you got that answer, don’t rejoice yet! We’re still not done counting!

In addition to the four holes caused on the front and back of the shirt, there’s some basic holes you totally forgot about! The neck hole brings the total to five, the arm holes are numbers six and seven, and the hole on the bottom where you slide your body through is number eight!

So in total, there are actually eight holes to this fun and tricky riddle! If you got that right, give yourself a pat on the back. But if not, don’t worry a bit – on average, there’s about 17 percent of the population that can answer this question correctly right off the bat!