Family saves money to buy tough dad emotional gift, moves him to tears

The world can be such a beautiful place, with a lot of amazing colors. Nature has given us some of the most delightful and pleasant-looking pictures, but we sometimes take them for granted. The sight of leaves changing colors, the blossoming of peonies, and even the rivers reflecting the clear sky.

But one father who was colorblind didn’t take such things for granted. He was colorblind his whole life but after he received a special pair of glasses his entire world changed!

dad receives special glasses

Facebook/The Bible Series

Bill the bodybuilder has a lot of muscles most people would be jealous of, but according to his wife, the biggest muscle he has is his heart. Although Bill might look intimidating he is a truly kind and loving person.

The 66-year-old man usually works out with his wife and daughters. When people see him, they can’t even believe he’s a day older than forty. Bill was born colorblind and so he has always seen the world through dull and brown colors.

colorblind dad sees with new glasses

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One day his older sister Paula got the idea to buy her brother Enchroma glasses. Even just one pair would be expensive, but the family wanted to do something extra special for Bill on his 66th birthday. So, everyone in the family chipped in to buy the specs.

When they presented it to Bill the older man wasn’t yet certain what he was getting. Then, he put on the glasses. For a few seconds, he didn’t even move. Then, he broke down.

His wife, Pam, later told an online publication:

“He has a very hard tough outer shell so for him to break down and cry and get emotional, was pretty emotional to me and my girls.”

colorblind dad sees color for the first time

Facebook/The Bible Series

Bill was overwhelmed. He finally saw colors for the first time in his life! He described everything as neat and bright. Bill was so grateful for the chance to finally colors that he was even ecstatic to see the different shades of leaves on a single tree.

This was in September and the family wanted to introduce Bill to the colors of autumn. Pam said that she was excited to take her husband to Letchworth State Park in New York so that Bill could see the leaves changing color, the Christmas lights, and even the rainbows. No doubt Bill had a grand time looking at such a colorful environment.

Pam described it as:

“Many sights that most of us take for granted.”

Indeed, Bill’s story reminds us that we shouldn’t take for granted the vision we are given to enjoy nature’s beauty.

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