Contestant’s Bizarre ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Strategy Pays Off Big

No matter what political party we call our own, there is no question about our collective appreciation for the sacrifices and respect that our veterans deserve. Another no brainer is how much America loves the game show, Wheel of Fortune, which has been on air pretty much since 1975. The following story combines the best of both these worlds.

During the Veterans Week celebration on Wheel of Fortune, Nura Fountano was one of the three veteran competitors trying to win big! Anyone who watches the show or better yet, has been a participant on it, knows the quick-fire style shouting of alphabet letters in order to guess a full word.


Screenshot via YouTube

On this particular episode, it was the final round for all three contestants with Nura in the lead. Clearly it was a moment to amass big winnings and be the hero of the night! Nura who had played really well throughout the previous rounds had built up a considerable lead in winnings. There was no reason to doubt that this vet would perform any differently in the final showdown.

Life is full of surprises though, and Wheel Of Fortune is no different. Nura, the star so far, all of a sudden seemed to have lost her ability to make good guesses. In fact, what she was doing was the opposite by choosing really strange letters like Q and Z. The surprised host himself couldn’t believe how bad these guesses were. Sajack at one point even asks,

“Say that again for me? Did you say ‘Z’?!”

Nura’s calm response:

“As in Zulu. Z.”

The final round went on with these terrible guesses from Nura and ended with no winnings for her, but considerable winnings for the other contestants. Simply put, this was completely bizarre! Nura still ended up with the most winnings, despite of losing the final round and went home with over $13,000.


Screenshot via YouTube

After the show aired, there was a lot of commentary about whether Nura’s bad guesses were intentional and used as a way to help boost her fellow vets’ winnings who otherwise would have gone home with little or no money at all.

Sajack had tried to crack the code by asking Nura on the show,

“May I ask you a question? You called some unusual letters that round!”

But like a true vet, she had no interest in giving up her secret “war” strategies! Nura simply replied,

“That’s what I saw.”

Watch this clip and decide for yourself whether Nura did this on purpose or not!

Nura might be too humble to admit it, but we would like to believe that what she did was put her greed aside and instead help out fellow veterans in sharing the prize! As if we needed another reason to respect and admire those who served our country so well!

Sources: Fox2 News St. Louis FB Image Credit: YouTube

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