Do you remember desperately wanting to know what you were getting for your birthday when you were a kid? You may have even gone to extra lengths to find out what it was, such as snooping in Mom and Dad’s bedroom, or tickling a hapless sibling non-stop until they spilled the beans!

It was no different for one sneaky little girl known as “Lily” when she decided to pull the wool over Mom’s eyes. In an effort to find out what gifts she was going to receive, Lily forged a handwritten letter from her father, “Don.”

As can be expected, the results were quite hilarious!


Mom receives a note from “Dad” that looks an awful lot like Lily’s handwriting.

“Dear wife,” it begins… 

That was the first clue that something was amiss – there should have been “beautiful” between “dear” and “wife.” Or, at least, that’s probably what Mom was thinking to herself!

Of course, the imperfect scribbling of a youngster’s handwriting also helped Mom figure out what her cheeky kid was up to!



Oh no – it appears that Dad has forgotten something! All moms, and little girls, know this can actually be a true real-life scenario:

“What did you get Lily for a surprise again. I forgot.”

This could have been a slam dunk for Lily, had it not been for the crossed-out spelling mistakes and poorly erased words.



Not wanting to miss out on any of her would-be gifts, Lily made sure to create a few extra lines so that Mom had plenty of room to jot down all of the surprises. Perhaps it was also a not so subtle hint to Mom – if there weren’t enough gifts to fill up all the lines, then she needed to purchase more ASAP!



It is unknown if this anonymous Mom played along with her disarmingly adorable daughter.

However, this wouldn’t be the first time a slippery little prankster tried to pull a fast one on her parents!

Earlier this year, shrewdly inventive Cara G. showed her Mom a note from school. The “school company” was going to put the “brakes” on her education by granting all the kids an extra week of vacation time.

“The school company is taking a brake so the kids will get one more week of school off and we will need your child to sign their name here”

Just so her parents would know that the school administrators meant business, multiple colors were used to get the point across – black, blue, green and pink!



To outwit her parents, Cara made sure to place the school company’s official seal immediately below the signature line. However, Mom knew something wasn’t quite right, but only because she finally realized this otherwise realistic letter was delivered to their mailbox – according to her daughter – on a Sunday.

It was probably no small coincidence that Cara happened to own the very same hot pink princess stamp, which might have been her actual undoing. Oops!



Want more laughs? Watch as Ellen reads funny letters from her “Just Kid-Ink” segment.

Illegally posing as another person and forging signatures or stamps is a big no-no in the adult world. Yet, I think we can all forgive these “innocent” girls for behaving in such an inappropriately delightful manner. After all, the direct result of these playful shenanigans is a belly full of laughter!

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