Horses and humans have always had an interesting relationship. It all began in the olden days when horses offered more than just their assistance in farm work. The gentle mammals played a significant role in battles encountered across all cultures, making them man’s choice companion. Before vehicles, horses somehow served as a way for men to travel, too. There may be different breeds but generally, horses are suited for entertainment, work, and companionship.

Because of their natural qualities, horses can function as herd animals, show horses, and pets. Horse owners young and old alike find that these animals are fairly easy to care for. They rarely fuss, do not make as much noise as other animals do, and respond immediately and warmly to affection. Horses continue to surprise humans because of their ability to perform tricks and comprehend training commands quickly.



While this particular horse may not share the same stance and physical appearance as that of most wild and domesticated horses, it proves its competence by performing a number of delightful tricks such as prancing, dancing, and even moonwalking. At first glance, you can somehow mistake it for a dog because of its height and its tail. A closer look will tell you it belongs to the horse family and is just as adorable as the rest.

The miniature horse is definitely just as much of a show stopper as its companions. It is seen prancing about happily, going from one end of the room to another. A few seconds later, it switches to a different action. It struts for a bit and continues to charm by walking in reverse, looking like it’s doing the moonwalk. Michael Jackson would be delighted! The dwarf horse’s antics make it more interesting than ever, proving that horses aren’t just majestic, obedient, and able to assist in impressive work like farming, war, and travel – they can simply be adorable companions having fun.



Beauty may be a subjective measurement but we rarely hear of people expressing disapproval or disdain over horses and their overall nature and appearance. Free-roaming horses, show horses, and all breeds show why most people are fascinated by them.


This little horse is just like the train in the story The Little Engine That Could by Watty Piper. Despite its size, it shows just how capable it is to carry out the actions all horses normally do.