Long-haired man gets emotional “big chop” and dramatic new look

Family is a part of life that we treasure. They are a source of love and inspiration and without thinking twice we would do anything within our power for them if they needed anything. Any act that could lead to our loved ones to be in better places is an act worth doing.

Just like this guy whose father was diagnosed with cancer and needed to have the funds to support his medication. He was willing to do anything necessary, even if it meant shaving his own head!


In the summer of 2014, David’s father was diagnosed with cancer. In order to raise enough funds for his treatment David and his sister, Leandra, did a fund raiser and agreed that they would shave their heads if they were able to raise the money. As it turned out, they were able to do it and so, the two of them ended up shaving their heads!

In 2017, three years after David decided to shave his head, David grew his hair out. He decided not to touch it again after having had it shaved so it had been three years since he got a proper haircut. His locks got so long that his hair reached past his shoulder down to the middle of his back. To be honest, his hair was quite fabulous! But, it was time to cut it off so that he could have the transformation his sister wanted so badly for him.


David’s long luscious hair was beautiful, but his sister, Leandra, thought that it was not making his dating life any better! And David, realizing that his sister was right after being mistaken as a woman from behind decided to take the plunge and get the makeover of his life.

With the help of celebrity hairstylist Tabatha Coffey, a chunk of David’s hair was cut on live TV! After the cutting, David definitely looked a lot younger. But this was only the beginning of his amazing transformation!


After getting David to the real makeover, it was time to complete the transformation and reveal his new look to Leandra and the viewers. It was an exciting moment for Leandra as she really wanted her brother to have a change in hair and fashion so his “non-existent” dating life would be revitalized!

When David finally came out of hiding everyone was in total shock at how good he looked! From head to toe David was now unrecognizable – even to his sister.! It was definitely a change for the better and David loved it! Well, we can definitely expect his dating life to be more exciting from now on.

David’s look is a total surprise and you simply have to see how he turned out!

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