Crowd gathers in amazement hearing elderly woman’s stunning impromptu piano performance

For piano lovers, especially those who appreciate live performances, being part of a crowd during an impromptu performance is a moment to cherish. Some people pay to watch a good performance in front of a live audience but it’s almost better in an intimate setting during a moment when you least expect a stunning performance to take place.

If you are one of the people in this crowd, you would be glad to be a part of this particular surprise piano recital on a busy Russian street. An old lady, who was only passing by with her friends, wowed the other people around with her amazing and impromptu piano recital, leaving everyone in the crowd in awe.


When the footage begins the gray-haired lady can be seen playing like a master class pianist. The way she played the instrument one would never guess that she is actually using a worn-out piano! She was totally enjoying what she was doing and the smile on her face shows just how much she loves to play.

The only noticeable reason that would give you any clue about the piano’s condition would have to be the incessant squeaking brought about by the piano’s pedal that seemed to need a little oiling. The piano could use some proper tuning, too.

Nevertheless, the piano’s worn-out condition did not hinder the fact that the lady was a great pianist. She was a rockstar musician from beginning to end!


What’s more amazing is the fact that despite her age, she proved that she is capable of anything. The way she played was sharp and swift and she was playing in a continuous and skillful manner.

Everybody could tell that she was and still is a great musician that she really knows her craft. It was impossible not to notice her, despite her small frame sitting on the piano bench.

It was a wonderful coincidence that this talented woman graced that busy street that day. Her gift is definitely worth sharing and what she shared to her listeners that day is absolutely beautiful.


But, of course, all good things must come to an end. When finally, the lady completed her performance she got up slowly and rejoined her friends again walking off slowly as everyone in the crowd that surrounded her erupted in loud applause. She deserved it!

Her impromptu number was a hit and everyone who had the chance to listen to her play were moved and awed by her ability to play a great piano piece despite physical limitations on the weathered piano.

This lady is is undoubtedly one of a kind!

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