They say adults should be careful whenever they are around children as they can easily pick up their habits. Kids are very smart and very observant. Before you know it, they’re already copying the way you walk, talk, and your other mannerisms.

For Teri O’Neil, seeing her 15-month old child copy her was extremely hilarious. Her child was on point in copying the way she walks.


Now, the way the child imitated her mom was nothing short of amusing. She actually did a really awesome job. From her posture to the way she held her hands, it was just too funny!

Being 6 months pregnant, Teri must have been taking on what’s known as the “pregnancy waddle.”  It happens when a pregnant woman develops an excessive inward curvature of her lower back due to her growing belly.


While common, this change in posture can contribute to low back pain. This discomfort generally goes away shortly after the baby’s birth.

While waiting for the term of her pregnancy, a woman can do certain things to achieve pain relief. Doing exercises that are approved by her healthcare provider is one of the most effective solutions. The routine, however, must be done with extreme care. Doing anything that’s not approved by a doctor can cause problems for both mother and child.

Deep breathing can help too. Doing yoga, performing meditation, and being mindful of one’s posture are great solutions to back pain during pregnancy as well with a doctor’s supervision. Now, if none of those things work, it’s best to ask one’s healthcare providers for further help. 


While those things don’t sound the most pleasant the little girl’s imitation of her mom walking is definitely something positive. It brought laughter not just to the mother but to everyone watching her. And clearly, the little girl was too happy to pull off the act. It surely eased her mom’s back pain- if she’s having any discomfort at that time.

The child’s attempt at walking like a pregnant woman is something that’ll surely leave you laughing out loud.