For most people, growing up with a sibling, whether older and younger, is a big blessing. You’ve got an instant playmate, confidante, bodyguard, and best friend. And you just imagine yourself growing up with each other. Some of you may still live close to each other. Some of you may live in different states but call each other regularly. But for some siblings, it gets harder when one or more of them join the army. 

This eight-year-old grew up with his older twin brothers in Stewartville, Minnesota. Judging from the way they hugged each other, the little brother grew up idolizing his older brothers. And it must have been so hard for him, who was used to being with his older brothers every day, to suddenly, in a split second, not see them in the house or play with them or just spend time with them every day.  


And it was definitely going to be harder for them when the holidays arrive, to realize that you won’t be spending the holidays together as a family. Because his older twin brothers have been permitted to go home with their family. But they decided to just tell their parents and to surprise their little brother at school. 

On the day they were going to surprise their little brother, the two older brothers, with their mom, drove up to his school. They’ve already told the school their plans and the school was great to allow them to do the surprise. They waited until the students were back in the classrooms when they walked down the hall to his classroom. The older brothers walked ahead of their mother, who filmed the whole reunion.

The little brother didn’t know what was happening and he was actually facing the front of the classroom, focused on the board. His brothers came in through the classroom door, which was at the back of the room. His teacher, who knew what was happening, said, “Look, who’s here,” and all the students, including the little brother, turned around. The first brother who walked in said out loud, “Hi, buddy.”  His little brother came rushing towards him and literally jumped into his arms. He wouldn’t let go of his brother until his other brother said, “Don’t worry, I’ll just wait my turn.” The little brother turned around and ran into his other brother’s arms. 


The viewers loved this video. One viewer said, “Awww that was adorable.” Another one said, “Aah this is soo wonderful! These brothers are really cute together. Thanks so much for sharing this special moment!” And there was another one who said, “I wish there was a love option for this video. So heartwarming.”


Even his classmates knew how special their reunion was. Some were shocked and couldn’t believe what was happening. There may be tears of joy during their reunion but one thing is for sure, they’re all so happy to be reunited once again. 

Take out your tissues, this one is a tearjerker! Don’t say we didn’t warn you.